Scan photos, documents, slides, negatives to digital format!

Do you have boxes and boxes of old photos and/or documents you haven’t looked at in years? I certainly did!! When I finally took the time to look through all the boxes I had stored in multiple places, including a garage and basement, which are not ideal storage locations, I found so many precious memories but was saddened by the fading and decay of them. I began researching the best ways to save and preserve them which led me to high resolution scanning. I was able to scan all those memories which included restoring some of the damaged, faded and older prints, and now they are preserved and easily accessible to enjoy now and for future generations.

scanning services pile of photographs

Process Overview:

  1. Each item is carefully handled while wearing cotton or nitrile gloves.
  2. Each item is carefully cleaned.
  3. Each item is scanned using high quality equipment.
  4. Each item is adjusted by proper cropping, rotation, color correction and red-eye removal
  5. Newly digitized items are saved to an external hard drive or USB drive.