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We are a small business and we care for your photos and memories as if they were our own. Over the years, I inherited box and boxes of old family photos, reels, slides and VHS tapes and really didn’t know what all I had in the collection. Time, training and research has taught me how to properly care for all of these precious family memories.

I am an active member of the international organization, The Photo Managers, and love helping individuals and families go from being overwhelmed with their often, unorganized collection of family pictures, movies and memorabilia to enjoying all of the old family memories.

Capturing Memories can help meet your individual needs!


Do you have boxes and boxes of old photos and/or documents you haven’t looked at in years? Do you have old photos that need to be restored? Let us scan your photos so they are preserved and easily accessible to enjoy now and for future generations.


Do you have old family videos on VHS, Beta, 8 mm, or Super 8 mm, but no way to enjoy them again? Let us convert them to a digital format. Enjoy old family videos and special events that haven’t been watched in decades.

Photo Organizing

Overwhelmed with boxes and boxes of photos? Let us help you organize your printed and digital photos so you can enjoy your precious family photos again. We will meet and talk about YOUR goals for YOUR photos, then we will plan on how to proceed.


Your Memories Matter